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From Publishers Weekly:

"Donna Postel’s ethereal and exotic quality perfectly fits the macabre elements of the title work, which explores the unraveling of marital secrets and the journey toward madness...The performances are gripping across-the-board making for a standout listening experience."

Publishers Weekly
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From Audiogals:

"Donna Postel’s ability to juggle multiple characters with varying accents (two dissimilar Korean, an Australian, and a New York) as well as effectively differentiating the males from the females, was flat-out amazing... The combination of the narrator’s performance and the author’s magical turn of a phrase, is really captivating.

There are a few ways to measure really exceptional writing and narration. Does it make you laugh out loud? Cry? Can you forget the narration and get captivated by the story? Do you keep the car idling in the parking lot to hear more? All of these situations were present for Happy Any Day Now. I treasure audiobooks like this one."

Victoria Laurie,
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From Audiogals:

"I immediately fell into Donna’s narration – it’s soothing yet true to the written word and very well performed. "

Lea Hensley,

From Audiogals:

"Donna Postel does a fine job narrating this engaging mystery."

Carrie Gwaltney,
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